Website Changes That Will Drive Sales


A savvy website is a must-have in today’s Internet-driven economy. Unfortunately, while most companies have a website, few use them to their full potential to drive sales and revenue. So if you aren’t maximizing the return on investment of your site, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. A few relatively simple updates can make your website have a huge impact on customer attraction and retention, sales, revenue and long-term brand loyalty. These…

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Make Your eCommerce Website Social

eCommerce Website- The Savvy Socialista

In order to differentiate your online store, you need an edge. Your competition is just a click away, so your eCommerce website needs a unique reason to get people to shop with you and nowhere else. Social media channels are a great way to drive traffic to your website and convert new customers. But what about people who come directly to your website? How can you engage them and show…

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WordPress eCommerce Website for Baby Moo

Wordpress eCommerce Website The Savvy Socialista

We’re parents here at The Savvy Socialista, so when Baby Moo, a company designed to help busy parents, reached out and needed a new WordPress eCommerce website and brand for their business, we were ecstatic to help out!  The concept is terrific, but the story behind the concept is awesome and as soon as we heard this Mother Inventor’s story, we couldn’t wait to provide here with a fantastic WordPress eCommerce…

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Elements Of A Highly Effective Website

Highly Effective Website-The Savvy Socialista

One of the most important and critical pieces of your online presence is your website. It needs to be visually appealing and informative. Too often businesses focus on one of those characteristics and not the other. Here are a few elements of a highly effective website. 1. It Conveys A Message Your website must convey a meaning or message about what your product/service or information is all about. This is…

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Magento vs WordPress for eCommerce

Magento vs Wordpress by the Savvy Socialista

A key decision when developing an eCommerce website is which content management platform is best for your online store. As specialists in both Magento and WordPress, we at the Savvy Socialista, can help you make the best decision for your company when deciding between Magento vs WordPress for eCommerce. Each platform has its strengths. On the surface, the two platforms may seem similar. They both are highly customizable, SEO friendly, can be extensively themed, and feature…

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Magento eCommerce Website Offers Shopping Power

Magento eCommerce Website The Savvy Socialista

If you are in need of virtual store, read on for reasons why a Magento eCommerce Website offers shopping power. Regardless of what you are selling, if you anticipate a decent volume of sales and over 100 items, a Magento eCommerce Website is for you.  You will have maximum functionality of your website and it is simple for customers to make a purchase. We, at The Savvy Socialista, are big fans of Magento…

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Brand New WordPress eCommerce Website

Mommy and Company Brand Board

We are happy to announce the recent launch of another eye-catching website—this time for our fabulous client Mommy & Company. The owner wanted a unique and creative WordPress eCommerce website that had fun branding elements and that’s what we gave her!  We worked hand and hand with the client to ensure that each element of her new website reflected everything she wanted.  We are thrilled to have given her a shopping website…

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Tips to Effective, Eye-Catching Website Design


If you are ready to launch a new business or revamp the branding of an existing one—designing a visually appealing and fully functional website is a key part of the success equation. So if you have asked yourself, “how do I start a website and design a look that will help me move my business forward”, this blog post is for you!  We will give you clear tips on how to create an…

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Brand Identity and Magento eCommerce Website

The Savvy Socialista Branding for Layna Lark

I’m thrilled to share a new website we recently launched for one of our Web Development clients–Layna Lark, an online retailer of high quality fabulous jewelry. The Savvy Socialista developed a brand identity style and color palette for her website (see our graphic below) that matches the overall look she wanted to achieve for her beautiful jewelry line and still keep a high functioning Magento eCommerce Website. If you are…

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